Ghost Frequency


Last week, Jennifer Kerrison of ResonanceFM and BBC4 invited me to take part in a 30 minute panel discussion show named ‘Group Therapy’ broadcast live from ResonanceFM’s studios in Borough, London. The show is premised upon three guests responding to a listener’s real life dilemma and this week’s topic was the paranormal. Having never done any radio work before I jumped at the chance, and I have to say that even though I cannot and probably never will be able to play the recording back to myself, it was a great experience and I had the chance to engage with some genuine, friendly and interesting people in one of my favorite areas of discussion: ghosts. Please check out the other guests of the show, the hilarious ‘comedy human’ Jessica Fostekew and psychologist Jarrod Carbourne. The experience reiterated the importance of creating a brand or public identity for yourself when trying to disseminate research to a wider audience and given both the difficulty of securing an academic position in today’s job market and the wider move towards audience outreach, opportunities like this are not to be missed. I also saw the value of Twitter, at long last, and created an account to coincide with any further broadcasting or public engagement work I may get to do in the future. Follow me here.

You can listen to the show here and read Simon Watt‘s guest blog entry on the paranormal to accompany the show, here.


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