Paperweight Radio



A couple of weeks back I returned to ResonanceFM to feature as a guest on the pilot broadcast of Paperweight’s radio show. I had originally written a short piece for Paperweight: A Newspaper of Visual and Material Culture, a couple of years back when they ran a themed issue on ghosts. For a number of reasons that was the last issue of Paperweight to be printed before the editors moved online. Anyway, it seems that the publication is due for a comeback with the next issue being put together for later this year and as well as their online presence, the journal has now moved onto the airwaves.

The pilot show hosted by Juliette Kristensen, also themed on ghosts, featured an interesting line up of guests and covered quite a broad reading of ghosts and the occult. Paul Atkinson, Professor of Design at Sheffield Hallam, spoke on the topic of vapourware – technological innovations that are designed, prototyped and marketed to the public but never manufactured or sold, leaving a design history littered with objects made present only by their absence. Brad Feuerhelm introduced his work on Paraphotography, speaking to a number of occult themes and introducing his current collection, On Paraphotography: Uncertainty, the Occult and the Uncanny. showing at Harlan B. Levey Projects, Brussels. The show concluded with an interview with Ninteenth Century Literature and Culture scholar, Clare Pettitt, on ‘The Nineteenth Century Telegraphic Imaginary’. Somewhere in between these guests I answered some questions on the strand of spectral based geography I am working on for my thesis, what I have termed, the parageographical.

A recording of the show can be found here.


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