Spaces of Spirituality


It’s been an age since I last updated this page, partly due to a job change last semester (which led to any ‘spare’ time being invested in the creation of five new classes) and also because of various other projects that I’ve been working on, including some exciting work on the literary geography of M.R. James’ ghost stories.  Anyway, I’m very happy to announce the publication of Spaces of Spirituality, edited by Nadia Bartolini, Sara MacKian and Steve Pile, to which I contributed a chapter: ‘Where should we commence to dig?’: spectral narratives and the biography of place in F. B. Bond’s psychic archaeology of Glastonbury Abbey. The essay develops the concept of site-based biography that I’ve been working on over the last few years, and examines the roles of historical, spectral and spiritual narratives in the (co-)production and memory of place.