2 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Zena Blundell

    After watching a popular television programme I decided to investigate The Hardy Tree, mentioned in the storyline. I found your page and read with interest the write up. From there I checked out your home page and finally read the about me section. I am intrigued by your current project and would be very interested to read any further works.

    Zena Blundell B.A. Photojournalism.

    1. Hi Zena, thanks for the interest in my work. I have a couple of pieces in publication, though unfortunately neither are available in print yet. I’ll be sure to update the blog with links when they are released though. I do have a very short article in Paperweight which you can read on my blog, or if you would like a hardcopy, I still have some copies of the paper around somewhere. Will happily mail you a copy if you want to email me your address. I’m currently working on a book called Grey Area but we haven’t got too much on the site yet…it is very much a work in progress 😉

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